Tocco Toscano



Tocco Toscano is a luxury leather goods company originating from Florence, Italy, now based in Singapore, with a focus on the Southeast Asian market. They specialize in producing high-quality, high-end leather products such as bags, wallets, and accessories.

As a relatively new enterprise, Tocco Toscano’s main challenge lay in that they faced serious competition from other well-established retailers. When it comes to the luxury leather industry, branding is of particular importance. Despite consistently producing handcrafted products whose quality rival even those of much larger, established labels, Tocco Toscano’s lack of brand presence was their main impediment in acquiring sales.




In constructing an online marketing campaign, the first order of business was to boost traffic to Tocco Toscano’s online store, via social media marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Keywords and alt-text were input on every single product page on their store, ranging from generic phrases pertaining to typical leather goods, to brand-specific terms such as collection names. Each individual product was given its own set of keywords, covering every aspect of the roduct from its style (tote, saddle hugger, wallet, and so on) to its design features (texture of leather, number of compartments, and so on).


In addition to individual product page SEOs, we also included a short paragraph atop each collection page, highlighting the features and specifications unique to each line of product. Doing this encourages traffic to collection pages, allowing visitors to the site to view not just the individual product, but a line of bags and wallets of a variety of colours and styles.




We launched a total of 4 campaigns for Tocco Toscano, revolving around the following categories:

• Generic Ads (general keywords related to the brand and their products)
• Mother’s Day
• Evergreen Sales
• New Bracelet collection

Our general strategy was to leverage upon the products’ novelty and time-specific features. For each of our ads, we made sure to include a strong click-incentive – for instance, the new bracelet collection mentions a 10% discount, and the Evergreen sales emphasizes on the limited-time offer of 40% off for products on sale.

tocco toscano bracelets banner 1
Ad banners were created for Tocco Toscano’s newly launched line of leather bracelets. For this campaign, we collaborated with an ad network agency who was able to reach out to a large number of sites whose visitor profile are aligned with Tocco Toscano’s (ie shopping/retail focused sites whose viewer demographics mostly fall within the 25-45 year old age range).

We opted to invest in an animated ad banner in order to make our ads visually salient. Due to dimension constraints imposed upon by advertisers, it is often the case that online ads are only to take up a relatively small portion of screen space, usually at the sidelines. We chose a simple animation as a way to bypass the need for any superficial
means of drawing viewer attention, allowing us to keep in line with Tocco
Toscano’s brand.





Through a combination of audience targeting and creative ad design, Tocco Toscano’s online presence saw a marked improvement, with our most successful campaign generating over 2,700 clicks to their page in just under 10 days. In total, over a month long period from end May to June, Tocco Toscano acquired just shy of 13,000 clicks to their site.